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There is a fascinating article in the Economist, titled “The kids are alright,” cites Don Tapscott, the man who has overseen a $4.5 Million study regarding the evolutionary changes taking place among our youth whom he names the “Net Generation.”  He argues that the “net geners” are the antithesis of the previous television generation, and that the “net geners” are becoming the smartest generation ever.  As a father of three this sounds terrific to me.   However I am a bit concerned because the smartest generation, like the rest of us, are reliant on the internet for information nowadays, which is riddled with biased and unsound references.

Relying on unsound and biased references is obviously a bad idea.  The entire purpose of such websites, articles, tweets, Facebook posts, and so forth is simply misinformation (2).  If you can be misinformed you can be persuaded to purchase, subscribe to, or join what is being offered by that site.

Your insurance plan fully falls into this category.  The insurance industry was first impacted by the internet by Progressive and Geico when they began offering direct automobile insurance quotes and sales through an online platform.  Now you can get online quotes for life insurance, commercial insurance, and even malpractice insurance.  This has made things very convenient and fits our need for instant gratification.  Yet, does this serve you as a consumer?  It is crucial to understand that the websites you are getting your information from were designed to sell insurance to you.  We as your insurance agent will speak with you live, and tailor your insurance to your needs.  

This is an important to you because your insurance plan is what is supposed to protect your assets from damages or lawsuits.  Insurance is what makes you financially responsible to yourself, your family, and the people you interact with everyday.  To make decisions based on other’s bias or unsound resources would be irresponsible.  This is the reason we are here.  Our agency’s purpose is to deliver honest and professional insurance consultation, and we are happy to assist you with your insurance planning needs.

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(2) http://www.lib.umd.edu/tl/guides/evaluating-web